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sos_blogWe started our blog as knowledge base for all who works with us but articles here might be useful for all who are stuck with some systems.

We plan to publish information here about the following systems:

  • Business automation with the use of OpenERP,
  • Website development, especially on Joomla,
  • Different versions of Windows including several server products,
  • Ubuntu OS and other Linux distributions,
  • Android based mini PC and interactive systems,
  • Interactive kiosks and interactive equipment,
  • Software for interactive kiosks
  • and any other useful notes...

Feel free to let us know how useful the blog is and any ideas how we can make the site and the blog better.

Problem statement

Since OpenERP 5.x from 2009 I’ve never got working “Trial balance” financial report. The very important fact is that I use “Swiss localization” (l18ch) from camp2camp. Swiss localization allows to create Swiss chart of accounts. However, for unknown reasons, many standard reports doesn’t work.

In this article I provide a simple fix for the “Trial balance” report, I have found after many hours of debugging and code studying…

Read more: OpenERP 6.1 Swiss localization: how to fix "Trial balance" financial report
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After migration on Ubuntu 14.04, many of us experienced a problem that OpenERP server cannot start. As it was described in our blog here, OpenERP 6.1 doesn’t work with pywebdav version 9.8. The main reason why it doesn’t work is described into “the credits” article and because the method of import pywebdav library is changed for version 9.8.

Read more: OpenERP 6.1 on Ubuntu 14.04+: how to fix problem with pywebdav
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It looks like there is a bug in python reportlib. In Ubuntu 14+, there is 3.x version of reportlib and several people report that it has several bugs, one of them is when we split strings in unicode.

In the link about there is a fix, which we can apply in order to get more stability in our installation.

Read more: OpenERP 6.1 and reportlib issue on Ubuntu 14+: how to fix _splitWord for unicode / bytes bug
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At a Glance

Usage of web technologies enables creation of complex digital signage system quite fast. Usually, such system consist of several major blocks as follows:

Digital Signage System

Read more: HTML5 Digital Signage System in Details
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What is HTML5?

Masterclass-in-HTML5-and--006In reality, it is a continuation of previous HTML specification, designed to address how modern web applications are created.

At first glance, several features of HTML5 like local storage, and support for video and audio seem radical when introduced into an HTML specification. However, this simply reflects the needs of modern web design because over the past decade web sites have become increasingly reliant on JavaScript and third-party plug-ins for much of the web’s functionality.

Read more: HTML5 Digital Signage System
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Credentials for the article go here:

Sometimes, we need to take over MySQL server, and this article explains how one can change root password for MySQL server.

Read more: How to recover MySQL root password in Linux?
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Related DocsWell, it happens, when you try to make WiFI installation at client location batter, one can upgrade routers with dd-wrt firmware. It is basically a good idea except the fact, there are plenty of mistakes/ errors in documentation, which leads us to a lot of troubles. Finally, using latest firmware for wnr2000v3 from dd-wrt is a bad ideas as the flash memory is a bit less than the firmware file. In result, we have the router bricked. Hereby I explain how I unbrick it.

Read more: How to unbrick NetGear WNR2000 v.3
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If you just download it from LaunchPad and place in addons directory following by adding new modules into the system, the attempt to add modules gives you a server crash code as follows:

File "/usr/share/openerp/osv/", line 875, in create_instance
  if not getattr(cls, '_original_module', None) and name == parent_model._name:
tributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_name

here I explain what can one do to fix the problem…

Read more: How to install Swiss Salary module from Open Net
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The error message is not complete and sometimes misleading. In this article I explain my experience in fixing the issue.

Read more: OpenERP best practices: how to deal with “Unable to create accounting entry for currency rate...
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ODROID-X-X2-Interface-expansion-board-with-LCD-UART-I2C-SPI-ADC-GPIO-and-GPS-gyro_package-contentWe were looking for a solution which can be combined with ODRIOD-X2 computer. Our goal was to simplify the installation which means excluding monitor card and directly connect LCD LED panel with the computer. Additionally, we need to have GPS solution in order to know where our tables are located and address advertising accordingly.

Considering such requirements, a Chinese ODROID-X2 expansion board looks promotable.

Read more: Chinese expansion card for ODROID-X2 with LVDS (1channel support only) several GPIO, SPI, UART3...
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folderNowadays, spammers are a real threat for websites. Because each website has a contact from, such forms are used by spammers in order to send spam over internet. In this article I share a way how one can protect by captcha field the “Product enquiry” form in Virtuemart 1.8 which works on Joomla 1.5.26.

Read more: How protect your website from spammers: Joomla 1.5.26 + VM1.8
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